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electric vehicle supply equipment


the conductors, including the ungrounded, grounded, and equipment grounding conductors, the electric vehicle connectors, attachment plugs, and all other fittings, devices, power outlets or apparatuses installed specifically for the purpose of delivering energy from the premises wiring to the electric vehicle. (National Electric Codes and California Article 625)

電気自動車に配線し建物からエネルギーを供給する目的のために特別に設置された、非接地、接地を含む導体、また機器アース導体、電気自動車用コネクタ、差込みプラグ、その他すべての付属品、デバイス、電源コンセントまたは器具。(National Electric Codes and California Article 625)

electronic waste


discarded office equipment (computers, monitors, copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines), appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, water coolers), external power adapters, and televisions and other audiovisual equipment


elemental mercury


mercury in its purest form (rather than a mercury-containing compound), the vapor of which is commonly used in fluorescent and other bulb types


emergency lighting


a luminaire that operates only during emergency conditions and is always off during normal building operation


employment center


a nonresidential area of at least 5 acres (2 hectares) with a job density of at least 50 employees per net acre (at least 125 employees per hectare net)




the exterior plus semi-exterior portions of the building. Exterior consists of the elements of a building that separate conditioned spaces from the outside (i.e., the wall assembly). Semiexterior consists of the elements of a building that separate conditioned space from unconditioned space or that encloses semi-heated space through which thermal energy may be transferred to or from the exterior or conditioned or unconditioned spaces (e.g., attic, crawl space, basement).


energy service provider

エネルギー サービス プロバイダー

a designation that allows an outside entity, such as USGBC, to access water and energy usage information that a building management team maintains with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or a similar tool

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager または同様のツールによって建物の管理チームが保持している水およびエネルギーの使用情報に対してUSGBCのような外部事業者がアクセスすることを可能にできるものの呼称。

engineered nanomaterial


a substance designed at the molecular (nanometer) level. Because of its small size, it has novel properties generally not seen in its conventional bulk counterpart. See the Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme, nicnas.gov.au/publications/information_sheets/general_information_sheets/nis_nanomaterials_pdf.pdf.

分子(ナノメートル)レベルで設計された物質。分子サイズが小さいため、一般的に従来の構成物質が大きい材料では見られない新規の特性を有する。オーストラリア国家工業化学品届出審査機構(the Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme)を参照のこと。nicnas.gov.au/publications/information_sheets/general_information_sheets/nis_nanomaterials_pdf.pdf.

environmental product declaration


a statement that the item meets the environmental requirements of ISO 14021–1999, ISO 14025–2006 and EN 15804, or ISO 21930–2007

ISO 14021–1999、ISO 14025–2006およびEN 15804、またはISO 21930–2007の環境要求に適合していることの宣言。



the combination of evaporation and plant transpiration into the atmosphere. Evaporation occurs when liquid water from soil, plant surfaces, or water bodies becomes vapor. Transpiration is the movement of water through a plant and the subsequent loss of water vapor.


extended producer responsibility


measures undertaken by the maker of a product to accept its own and sometimes other manufacturers’ products as postconsumer waste at the end of the products’ useful life. Producers recover and recycle the materials for use in new products of the same type. To count toward credit compliance, a program must be widely available. For carpet, extended producer responsibility must be consistent with NSF/ANSI 140–2007. Also known as closed-loop program or product take-back.

製造者自身、および時には別の製造者の製品を製品の使用寿命満了時に消費財廃棄物として受け入れるための、製品の製造者により実施される方策。 生産者は、材料を回収してリサイクルし、同じタイプの新しい製品に使用する。クレジットの加点に貢献するには、プログラムは幅広い製品に適用される必要がある。カーペットの場合、拡大生産者責任はNSF/ANSI 140–2007に準拠しなければならない。閉ループ プログラムまたは製品引き取りとも呼ぶ。

extensive vegetated roof


a roof that is covered with plants and typically not designed for general access. Usually an extensive system is a rugged green roof that requires little maintenance once established. The planting medium in extensive vegetated roofs ranges from 1 to 6 inches in depth. (Adapted from U.S. EPA) exterior vegetated surface area the total area of vegetation on the project site, including vegetated roofs and turf grass

植物で覆われた屋根であり、一般の人が入ることを目的としていない。 通常、粗放システムは、一度構築したらメンテナンスの必要性がほぼない植物で緑化された屋根。 粗放型〈広範な面積の薄層緑化〉屋上緑化の植栽用土は深さ1~6inch〈25.4~152.4mm〉。 (米国EPAより)外部緑化面積は、敷地内の緑化部分全てを含むので、屋上緑化と芝生も含む。

external meter


a device installed on the outside of a water pipe to record the volume of water passing through it. Also known as a clamp-on meter.

水道管の外側に取付ける計器で、流量を計測する。 クランプオンメーターともいう。